Instrumentation limited was established in 1960 dedicated to facilitate the requirements of the measurement and control of  Industry and to optimize the efficiency and productivity of the Industrial production business.

In 2006 Instrumentation Ltd diversified into Humidification, Commercial Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation.

Instrumentation Ltd., is also accredited by the Kenya Accreditation Service in accordance with KS ISO/IEC 17025 for the fields of Pressure, Temperature and Revolution as a Calibration Centre. Our Calibration Laboratory carries out calibration and servicing of industrial and aircraft instruments.


The registered Office and Calibration Laboratories are situated at Wilson Airport, Langata Road, Nairobi.

The total floor area comprises approximately 130 square meters. About 30 square meters
are devoted to offices, 80 square meters for workshops and 20 square meters for stores, toilets
and washrooms.

The calibration laboratory comprises of approximately 50 square meters. Within the laboratory, work benches and test benches are available for positioning of required calibration, testing and service tools. The benches are wired via metallic conduits for main 240 VAC and 415 VAC three phase supply.
Other supplies to each panel include 14 and 28 volts DC, 10, 26 and 115 VAC-400Hz as well as 115 VAC three phase. Additional Vaccum and Pressure supply lines are provided to all the benches.
Clean air is provided by means of a fan and filter to allow for lamina flow. Conditions at all times are maintained with an air-conditioning unit and positive pressure is being ensured by means of double entry dust lock doors.

Our Calibration Laboratory carries out calibration and servicing of industrial and aircraft instruments.

We have total staff of 10 of whom 2 No. Senior Engineers, 3 No. skilled Instrument Technicians. Through our sister concern Fine Engineering Works Ltd., we also provide most of the engineering services. Fine Engineering Ltd has a comprehensively equipped machine shop and they carry out most of the steel fabrication. They are situated in Nairobi’s Industrial Area and have a shop area of approximately 10,000 square feet and employeeing about 80 No staff.