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Length Calibration

Instrumentation ltd Metrology offers comprehensive physical dimensional calibration services. Gages and equipment received at our facility are first sent to our cleaning room if applicable, then stabilized for 24 hours, and calibrated in our environmentally controlled lab. We provide regional pickup/delivery service and a 5 day turnaround time on all of the work received at our facility.

Many of our physical dimensional calibration services can also be performed on-site at your facility. The professional, courteous  Metrology technicians will deliver our services with limited disruption to your workflow.

To perform dimensional calibration services, we compare a measurement standard with your measuring instruments’ output to verify your results are accurate. Your devices must measure with a degree of accuracy that meets or exceeds customer and industry standards to receive a Certificate of Calibration. We also share all information about necessary adjustments and repairs.


Dimensional calibration equipment measures an object’s physical size. Depending on the tool, these dimensions may include thickness, angles, diameter, length, and width. This equipment can also measure geometrical properties for companies that machine parts. Some of these characteristics include the parts’ profiles, hole positions, parallelism, and flatness.

Manufacturing environments utilize dimensional equipment to monitor their products’ adherence to their processes. Plus, verifying parts’ dimensions ensures components are interchangeable and properly assembled.

Your quality control department must ensure all dimensional equipment receives routine testing and calibration. Without these inspections and adjustments, your company may not be able to measure parts accurately. For some manufacturers, dimensional tools must meet federal and industrial specifications