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Force Calibration

Proper Force calibration is an essential function for relevant metrology equipment to ensure it displays accurate readings. Regular calibration mitigates or eliminates potential errors caused by inaccurate measurements, improving the repeatable accuracy and reliability of instruments used in critical processes.

A variety of instruments utilized in your operation may require precise calibration, including torque devices and load cells. Our torque calibration services can be conducted on-site at your facility or in our labs. Regional pickup and delivery services are available.

Force calibration must be performed on instruments that apply torque during production stages. During torque calibration, the amount of torque an instrument produces is compared to the allowable tolerance, allowing our accredited staff to determine if the instrument requires adjustment. Force wrench calibration, for example, ensures the instrument delivers exact tension to the fastener for safety and proper functioning.

The Force calibration process ensures reliable measurement and traceability. Force calibration requirements come from various sources, including manufacturer specifications, federal and international specifications, ANSI/ANME standards, and customer requirements.